Extendable Trailer Hire

Extendable Trailer hire in Northern Ireland

Extendable/Trombone Trailer Hire

Trombone trailers are becoming more and more familiar on our roads. We have trombone trailers available for hire for those extra long self supporting loads.

Standard extendable or trombone trailers stretch to accommodate indivisible loads such as crane or bridge beams up to 20.1m in length.
Extendable Rear Steer Flat Trailer

Extendable Rear Steer Flat Trailer Hire

The Extendable Rear steer Flat Trailer does the same job as an extendable flat trailer however the self steer rear axles help with maneuverability both on and off site which can improve access in towns or industrial areas

Extendable Dropframe / Stepframe Flat Trailer Hire

Extendable Drop / Step frame trailer is a name for an extendable trailer with a main deck which is lower than the height of the tractor unit’s fifth wheel height. The kingpin of the trailer is attached to the underside of the step frame trailer’s upper deck, enabling the trailer to be coupled to the lorrys unit’s fifth wheel. 

The upper deck is built sufficiently high to accommodate the lorry. The lower deck of the step frame trailer is built at a lower level than the upper deck, enabling high loads to be moved without the total height of the loaded trailer exceeding the legal limits for normal road transport.

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