Standard Trailer Hire

Trailer hire in Northern Ireland

Box Van Trailer Hire

Box vans and rigid-sided vehicles offer some load security.

These are equipped with 4.0m to 4.4m on air suspension and barn doors or roller shutter. 

Trailer without top

PSK Flat Trailer Hire 

Our flat trailers are ideal for transporting large robust goods, they are ideal for the transportation of vehicles and heavy machinery.

This delivers ultimate flexibility to the general or specialist haulier. 

Stepframe Flat trailer Hire

Our Drop / Step frame trailer is a name for a trailer with a main deck which is lower than the height of the tractor unit’s fifth wheel height. The kingpin of the trailer is attached to the underside of the step frame trailer’s upper deck, enabling the trailer to be coupled to the lorrys unit’s fifth wheel. 

The upper deck is built sufficiently high to accommodate the lorry. The lower deck of the step frame trailer is built at a lower level than the upper deck, enabling high loads to be moved without the total height of the loaded trailer exceeding the legal limits for normal road transport.
Coil Carrier Trailer

Coil Carrier Trailer Hire

An integral well housed beneath removable floor covers offers coil carriers the added flexibility to change what sort of load you are carrying. 

Coil wells are easily closed to give you a flat level floor so that you can still use all the space on the bed of the trailer. 

Euroliner - Sliding Roof Trailer Hire 

Our Euroliners feature a sliding roof, sliding curtains and solid rear doors. 

They allow for quick easy loading and discharges via the rear doors and open side access.Suitable for multi-collection and multi-delivery shipment.

Curtainside / Tautliner Trailer Hire 

Our curtainside trailers are perfect for short or long term hire. Curtain Side Trailers are the most popular trailers used across the UK & Europe. The build quality gives you confidence in the transportation of your goods.

We have various height options available. 

Double Deck Curtainside Trailer Hire 

Our double-deck trailers are designed to optimise the available space in trailers. This reduces the carbon footprint and improves efficiency.

These benefits have led to an increase in their use over the last few years.

Tail Lift Curtainside Trailer

Tail Lift Curtainside Trailer Hire 

These trailers come with Dhollandia sliding tail lift installed at the back. 

Our curtainside trailers are perfect for short or long term hire.

Sliding Skeletal Trailer Hire 

Our Skeletal trailers are equipped for the transportation of containers. They accommodate containers from 20’ to 45’.

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